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Commissioning Custom Made Jewelry & FAQ

Q: I already have a jewelry design in mind – can you make it for me?

Yes, absolutely! Have a look at some of the examples at the Custom Personalized Jewelry Section and Custom Design Gallery to see the possibilities and how the process works.

Q: Is custom jewelry more expensive?

The prices of our custom made jewelry vary depending on the intricacy of the design, your choice of metal and precious stones to be set. 
You can expect to make significant savings compared with branded jewelry items but you should expect to pay slightly more on an individual crafted design compared to mass-produced merchandise.
To get a better idea of how much your ideas might cost to hand craft, please take up contact with us. 

Q: Can I have my own metal melted down and re-used in a personalized jewelry piece? 

Many precious metals and most gemstones are valuable and re-usable.
With creativity, we can help to rework the metal and gems of your old, sentimental jewelry items into fabulous new creations that you will be proud to wear.
Get some ideas from these Remodeling Jewelry creations. 

Q: How long will it take to make a custom jewelry ring?

Our average estimate is between 10 to 15 working days from the time of sourcing gemstones and material. Of course this  depends on the design complexity and the number of  discussions and reviews during the making process. You will be given an agreed upon delivery date with the cost estimate.

Q: Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship worldwide.  

Q: What are the shipping and handling costs?

We offer two courier services: FedEx and Parcel Post. 
FedEx shipping fees US$75 - US$100 3-5 working day delivery.
Parcel Post with tracking number US$$25 10-14 working day delivery.
VAT on purchase applies within Europe. Import duty and tax fees may apply in your country.

Q: What payment methods do you take for a commissioned jewelry piece?

We accept eletronic transfers and PayPal payments.
We charge a fifty percent non-refundable deposit upon commissioning. A picture of your completed jewelry piece will be emailed for your final approval. The balance is payable before shipping. You will receive a scanned copy of FedEx / Parcel Post tracking number the next day.

Q: What if I had a different idea of the jewelry item or it arrives damaged?

We guarantee our craftsmanship, as well as our expertise to interpret made to order jewelry. Although custom orders are non-returnable, we have a confidence policy, whereby we will give you an option, within seven days to return your jewelry piece by FedEx and choose a piece from our showroom of equal value. Any damaged goods must be returned using FedEx within 2 days. We will replace or re-instate your item to it's original state without any delay. 

Q: HELP! I've lost my engagement ring. Can you make that ring  from a grainy picture? 

Yes, we can. With a picture and your description we will make a very close or (sometimes even better) version replacing your engagement ring. We can also interpret the drawing of what you have in mind, and guide you with the design to replicate your orignal lost ring.  For more information see the examples on our Recreate Replace Lost Jewelry Section.  

Q: What if I want to buy a jewelry item from your Jewelry Catalog? 

You found just the right jewelry piece that you want in our Jewelry CatalogEmail us with your request. Please remember to include your ring size and your PayPal Email Account Name and delivery address as well as your telephone number. We will send a Paypal invoice to your PayPal email account. 
Still uncertain? Send us your telephone number and we'll return your call request within a day.

Q: Why don't you have a shopping cart option?

Unique designer custom made jewelry is so individualistic that no standardized "shopping cart" does justice to the personalized design options needed to capture all the variables and choices that we offer.  

Q: Do you work in exotic metals like titanium. 

Yes! Other than the standard 24k, 18k white and yellow gold, 14k yellow gold, silver, platinum and palladium we also create handmade Custom Titanium Jewelry showcasing a few of the designs here. 

Q: Do you provide an appraisal certificate with your product.

Yes, we include an appraisal, documenting a complete description of the weight, the gemstones and the replacement value together with a photograph of your jewelry piece.  

Q: Where do I go from here to commission my own original bespoke jewelry? 

Click the email button below and send us your questions and design ideas. Include as much informations as possible such as photos or sketches, completion date request and if any, a budget framework you would like to stick too.
We will get back to you with all the options and design solutions that can work for you.

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