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Recreate - Replace Lost Jewelry

Does the loss of your favourite jewelry piece still hurt?
We offer a solution by making a new jewelry piece like the old one. 

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Recreate lost ring from picture

How it works to replace your lost jewelry

Step 1 : Email us or give us a call to start talking about the details, any photos or documentation of your lost engagement ring or wedding band or heriloom jewelry.
Step 2 :   We get clarity on the finer details such as the karat and color of your metal, any diamonds or gemstones and all the smaller details like engraving.
Step 3 :  We give you a cost estimate to replicate your lost jewel and source the gems.
Step 4 : Together with your guidance we bring your design back to life .

Heirloom citrine ring heirloom replacement

Capturing the essence of the lost jewelry item 

We have worked from several grainy fotos, telephonic consultations and a step by step process of taking pictures along the way and discussing the development of the small details throughout the making stage to get the exact result you want.

On occasion we had a customer who lost his chain he had for over 40 years. We made a link which he wanted to touch. The chain needed to feel like his old chain and have the same heft. A few links later and it had the right feel to capture the memory of the old chain. The other links were made and the project was completed.

Replicate lost rutilated quartz pendant

It is possible to replicate your lost pendant or earring 

Our customer only had one grainy picture of a much treasured sentimental pendant which was lost. Another help was an image found online to show in more detail the texture of the gold. In replacing this 18k gold pendant set with a rutilated quartz, we slowly re-created a replacement pendant after asking questions and sending step by step progress images by email.  

You've just lost one of your earrings, a set your wore most of the time. What now? It really depends on the design and the making process if another replacement earring can be made. Best would be to contact us and show the picture of the remaining earring and discuss your options.
Ideal would be if we have the other earring in hand to take exact measurements. Give it a try.

Have your lost jewelry replaced.

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