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Remodeling - Recycling Old Jewelry

Times change , we change and our style changes.
Yet, the sentimental attachment and memories of treasured jewelry pieces
are intricately interwoven in our past. Then remodeling is your option.
We love using the past to create the future!

Remodeling of engagement ring

Transformation of Remodeled Jewelry

Some jewelry items hold great sentimental value but hasn't grown with the times or isn't always wearable as is. If you have an engagement ring, or even a collection of old jewelry pieces, we would love to help you transform them into something new and unique. With a little creativity, we can revamp existing jewelry into fabulous new, one of kind pieces you will wear for years to come.

A remarkable transformation of this engagement ring brought new life and sparkle to this beautiful sapphire.

These are but a few examples of the possibilities when vision, design artistry and craftsmanship are skilfully blended into an original jewelry creation and at the same preserving the sentimental value for you.

Recycling Emerald and Diamond in a new setting

Breathing new life nto this emerald with a few scattered Diamonds in a bold 18k gold setting.

Before and After Alteration of a Diamond Bangle

The style of the centre emerald limited the wearing options and was re-purposed for another project. Alteration of the diamond bangle by adding a continuation of the design with a row of diamond baguettes created an elegant remodeling solution.

Before and After Remodeling of Diamond Ring

Before and After Remodeling 

We can re-purpose any jewelry. Remember, your own gold and gemstones are recycled into the new design, creating not only sentimental value but also passing on significant savings in material costs. Where necessary, we can add metal, diamonds or gemstone to achieve the desired design.

These Before and After Remodeling jewelry projects showcase endless design possibilities and the remarkable transformation taking place from old jewelry to new one-of-a-kind modern jewelry design. 

This modern 18k white gold ring in barely distinguishable from it's origin.

Before and After Jewelry Remodeling of Ruby RIng

With this jewelry recycling project the focal point needed to be shifted to place maximum impact on the intense deeply colored ruby. This before and after jewelry make-over shows the very effective result.

modernize engagement ring

Not only was this engagement ring dated, but a burn injury needed to be disguised without trapping the sensitive skin under metal. Experience and creativity dictated an airy open ring design spreading the diamonds across the finger and in doing so visually created much larger diamond impact.

Recycle old jewelry before and after cuff

Rings and bracelets take the most wear and tear from bashing. The thin links of tennis bracelets wear out after a couple of years. Recycle the valuable diamonds to create a bold organic diamond gold cuff.

re-working diamond bangle

The customer felt that the gaps in this diamond bangle was an outdated style and an overall distraction. With some alterations insets were built and set with diamonds to cover the gaps. Clearly this elevated the design to a new level.

Jewelry Remodeling Before and After Asscher Cut Diamond Ring

Redesign of Jewelry

The redesign of jewelry can take on many forms. From a slight alteration or adding new sections to change the look or to do a complete jewelry makeover by melting your gold and re-purposing your gemstones in a unique revamped jewelry design.

See the Gallery of Custom Designed Jewelry or further familiarized yourself with the Pricing and Process commissioning a jewelry transformation. If you have a question click the link below. 

Redesigning your jewelry is a great collaborative experience delivering a treasured one-of-a-kind jewelry design.
Our aim is to help you discover exactly what you want and then expertly craft your design for you.
We want to inspire, not influence your choices.

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