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Customized Jewelry Making Process and Pricing

From Concept to Reality .......Your Dream Custom Designed Jewelry Piece is within reach. 

Dream up your custom designed jewelry piece


Ask yourself: Do I have a distinct vision of the jewelry piece I want? Dream big, gather your ideas in a folder. Is there a theme stringing your ideal creation together? Use that theme as a starting point for your custom jewelry design. Turn your vision and dreams into your personalized ring.

Custom jewelry design based on your dreams


We begin with a conversation  discussing your design ideas, time frame and budget, do quick sketches, and answer any questions that you have. When a design is settled, a firm, written estimate will be given for the project, a deposit taken and then the creation begins! 

Exchange ideas and collaborate in custom designed jewelry


Collaborate, exchange ideas and review is the corner stone of successful personalized custom jewelry creation. Every step of the way, we show progress pictures, making a few adjustments all the way from the concept to physical form.

Master craftsman creates your treasure jewelry


As master craftsman, adding artistry with design sensibilities the technical execution is completed skillfully, with gems set securely and hand finished to bring out every detail, so the design you dreamed of is now your treasure to cherish for years to come! 

Video of the Custom Jewelry Making Process

Pricing of Custom Made Jewelry

The design fee of our custom made jewelry vary depending on your choice of metal, any stones to be inset, and the intricacy of the design. Most designs will be a few hundred dollars.  The rest of the cost depends on the type of precious metal used, how much of that metal is used, and the number and quality of diamonds/gemstones the piece has.
Generally, custom made or personalized jewelry costs less than a similar "catalog"or brand name item from the high street jewelry stores. So, rest assured that you are getting exactly what you want at a great price! 
In order for a piece to be started, we ask for a 50% deposit & full payment on major gemstones.
Find further explanations of the process and design options at Bespoke Rings and Jewelry Designs and for more about pricing and information look at our FAQ section.

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