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Custom Made Jewelry - Uniquely You

Custom made jewelry is all about wearing an original jewelry creation designed to reflect the authentic you, a culmination of your vision and your ideas, along with our advice, artistry, design sensibilities and technical expertise.

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Personalized Custom Jewelry

Wear an original! The jewelry you wear is an expression of your personality, passions and lifestyle.
Custom jewelry design is not hemmed in by current fashion trends, letting you express yourself in a timeless piece. 

Remodeling - Recycling of Old Jewelry

Do you own a piece of jewelry that you don't wear? We would love to help you transform a family heirloom, or jewelry that no longer suits your style, into an exciting new piece of jewelry.

Recreate - Replace Lost Jewelry

Does the loss of your favourite jewelry piece still hurt? Why not try to replicate your most treasured possession. Perhaps you have a photo of you wearing the piece. Maybe a rough sketch to bring across the essence of what you want to recapture in a replica.

Bespoke Rings and Jewelry Designs

Do you feel that store bought jewelry design options limit you expression of self and personal choices? You want to be able to express your personal style through your jewelry. Then bespoke jewelry is the right option for you.